"The Skelton System has ability to regenerate itself as a part of repair process.
An individual body consist of 206 individual bones "


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What we do

Promoting medical devices:
Basic Healthcare is a medical device company promoting niche product of synthetic bone grafts and trauma implants for use in orthopedic applications. Besides these, Basic Health Care also research, produce and market customized bone graft application products for use in Neurosurgery.
R & D in Biomaterials:
Basic Healthcare is an organization actively involved in the research and design of biomaterials. This active pursuit of the company has resulted in the development of bone graft and bone graft application par excellence.

HAP: Basic healthcare in strategic alliance with Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and technology Thirvanavthpuram has developed Hydorxypatite (HAP) which is pure and hence safe for majority of orthopaedic applications. Basic Healthcare has developed this HAP as available in conventional form for routine use and customized form for use in specialized procedures

HAP with silica: Basic healthcare has developed this synthetic bone graft compound which is biocompatible synthetic Calcium phosphosilicate compound combining the osteoconductive properties of HAP with osteostimulating properties of silica

R & D in implants:
Basic Healthcare is also committed to deliver medical fraternity trauma implants that are different from the routine available in the market today. Backed by research Basic healthcare will be introducing these trauma implants as sterile implants manufactured in class A clean room with the finest raw material available.

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