"The Skelton System has ability to regenerate itself as a part of repair process.
An individual body consist of 206 individual bones "


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Action Shapes Character
Basic Healthcare’s team believes that actions are the best interpreters of thoughts. Being aware of its thoughts helps Basic Healthcare apply these thoughts to generate precise & measurable actions. An action, once measurable, is poised to steer the efforts in the right direction. These righteous actions generated from its thought are reflected across all facets of the organization.

Research and Development: Innovation is the key to consistently deliver high quality products. Collaboration is key to innovation and thus, Basic HealthCare has formed strategic alliances with research institutes all over the world, to innovate and deliver products which are backed by research. BasicHealthcare’ alliance with Sree Chitra Trinual Research Institute, Triandrum is one such example reflecting its commitment to deliver bone graft par excellence.

Product Quality: For us, quality is not an accident. It is the result of sincere efforts, intelligent direction and skillful execution. From WHO norms for right manufacturing to American standards for bio-materials, from international bio-compatibility standards to extensive clinical trials, quality is the way of life at Basic Healthcare.

Relationship Building: Be it information or education activity or a long-term post surgery follow up, Basic Healthcare believes in developing relationships at each step. The relationships are further strengthened by ensuring that the sales happen in an ethical manner, which is of prime importance to uphold Basic healthcare’s core value of Integrity. A sales representative at Basic Healthcare is committed to go beyond sales relationship with a doctor. Sales are the beginning of a process that translates into service to a doctor as well as a common man.

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply”- Goethe
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