"The Skelton System has ability to regenerate itself as a part of repair process.
An individual body consist of 206 individual bones "


Why Synthetic Bone Graft

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Why Synthetic Bone Graft?

Despite the fact that natural bone grafts are the gold standard for bone grafting procedure they are associated   with several problems like need of second surgical site, Disease transfer risk, procurement morbidity, immunogenic, limited availability.

A synthetic bone graft substitute eliminates the need for autogenous and allogeneic bone graft along with the   complications associated with them.

Synthetic bone grafts offer following advantages over natural bone graft:-
  • Non Immunogenic
  • No risk of Disease Transfer
  • No Need of Second Surgical site
  • Lack of procurement morbidity
  • Limitless supply
  • Easily fabricated in to various form, size and shape
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