"The Skelton System has ability to regenerate itself as a part of repair process.
An individual body consist of 206 individual bones "


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Thought Shapes Action
Basic Healthcare Products is an organization that has evolved through a thought process. A thought that was conceived with a determination to maintain a balance between economic values that are prerequisite of any organization and social values that will be demonstrated in its actions.

Each one of us is formed and molded by one’s thoughts. Earnest thinking creates a new heaven, a new firmament, and a new source of energy from which righteous actions flow. Like an individual, corporate too evolves when a thought process initiates.

Commitment stands for accepting new challenges, reflecting pioneering spirit, and consistently striving for greater achievement. Commitment for Basic Healthcare is ensuring healthiness of the common man, living up to our values, and utmost sincerity in delivering right products.

Integrity is reflected in every thought that conceives an idea ranging from a product creation to delivery model or just about basic conduct. Integrity for Basic Healthcare is abiding by laws, regulations and rules while conducting our day to day operations in a highly ethical manner.

Trust is confidence in the certainty of the outcome of any interaction. Trust at Basic Healthcare means building trustworthy relationships by maintaining integrity in our product & services, fulfilling our commitments, and serving the society at large. Basic Healthcare truly follows its values and principles, for it believes right thoughts are stepping stones to success for Basic Healthcare.

Thought that would eventually lead us to actions:
Actions that will result in the trust of the stakeholders and in achieving the Primary Objective of the organization:

To ensure healthiness of a common man or society as a whole
– a path to the success
– Yours & Ours

'Thought is action in rehearsal’. - Sigmund Freud
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