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Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine which may have its onset in infancy but is most frequently seen in adolescence. The curvature of the spine develops as a single curve or as two curves. X-ray of spine for a patient with scoliosis looks like S or C


Symptom of scoliosis may include the following abnormalities in appearance
  • Shoulders at different heights
  • Uneven waistline
  • Appearance of a raised hip
  • Leaning of the entire body to one side
  • Rib cage appears at different heights
  • Head is not centered directly above the pelvis


  • X-rays determine the degree of curvature
  • The physical examination; The standard test for scoliosis is termed the Adam's Forward Bend Test


Non surgical treatment
In early stages brace can be used to prevent it from getting worse

Surgical treatment
If scoliotic curve is severed when it is noticed than brace does not control the curve than surgery is required. The most common surgical treatment for scoliosis is a spine fusion using special stainless steel rods, hooks, and a bone graft. The rods are attached to the spine with hooks and the curved portion of the spine is carefully straightened. Then bone graft is placed over the spine to fuse it in a straight position.

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